Everyday Watches


Did you know?

All of our everyday watches come with interchangeable straps.

This means that you can purchase additional straps for just $19, and completely change the look & style of your watch depending on your mood or outfit for the day!

Be sure to check out our straps before you complete your purchase…




Who are Deon Dane watches perfect for?

Deon Dane is the watch that suits everyone, and every style. This makes our watches the perfect gift for family or friends, or the best gift for yourself.

Best friend’s Birthday coming up? Looking for a unique wedding gift? Need a special gift for a colleague? Or perhaps it’s merely time to spoil yourself. A watch makes the perfect gift that shows you have put in thought and shows that you really care.

If you, or your friends, are fashion-forward and are looking for a new fashion accessory, then a Deon Dane timepiece is the perfect addition to your accessory collection. Unlike other expensive or high-end watches, all our styles are priced with affordability in mind, making our watches accessible to everyone.

What is your most popular watch?

We have a range of watch styles to suit any outfit and any occasion.

Our classic ultra-minimal watch faces come in a range of styles, each showcasing an ultra-sleek and ultra-clean watch face. Our Black On Black has proven a huge hit and the watch that literally goes with everything. The Black On Black watch can be dressed up or dressed down, the perfect timepiece for day or night. You also can’t go past our Marble collection – the ever-popular White Marble and Black Marble watch designs. These are hugely popular due to their unique marble design and make a bold statement piece.

After the massive success of our classic minimal watch faces, we developed our numeral collection of watch faces to appeal to those looking for a different style. These watches add an extra flair to any outfit, adorned with four roman numerals around the watch face in keeping with our minimal and modern design. Naturally, the Black Numeral has shown to be a favourite, given its classic style that will never go out of fashion. But the colourful and playful Turtle Shell Numeral is a sure show-stopper – the perfect timepiece for any fashionista that loves to make a statement. The Turtle Shell design, combined with our signature modern, minimal, and everyday cool style, makes this watch a trendy minimalists dream.

All watched can be individualised with a choice of leather strap colour to help you style up your outfit perfectly. Our dark tan strap is a popular addition to any gift set, and often added alongside the classic black to provide an extra piece of personalisation.

When is the best time to wear Deon Dane watches?

A Deon Dane watch really is the ultimate fashion accessory in that it can literally be worn anywhere and to suit any occasion. You can dress up with a super stylish Copper, Gold and Black or White & Gold watch to attend a wedding or gala event. Or go to the beach or gym in a White Marble with black leather strap.

You can add a splash of colour when going for a fashion event or on a date by wearing The Turtle Shell Numeral, or a Brushed Silver watch with natural strap.

You also can’t go past to trendy Black on Black or Black Numeral styles, as these are your wardrobe staples for work, for or dinner with the girls.

And let’s not forget about the Men – our minimal unisex style is loved by men and women alike. For that special man in your life, our most loved styles are The Bushed Silver, The Copper, The Black or White Marble, and the classic Black On Black watch. Men can wear their new fashionable watch to work, to the game, or out with the boys.

Whether you need an accessory for a casual night out, for work, or for an important event, Deon Dane has you covered.

Why should I buy a Deon Dane watch instead of a different brand?

Deon Dane isn’t just about style! We wanted to create a watch and brand that is not only super stylish but comfortable and eco-conscious too.

Often it is hard to mix fashion and comfort, let alone also making sure you are sustainable. But we think we have nailed it with our super comfortable, durable, and soft kangaroo leather straps. If you have never felt kangaroo leather, you are missing out. Kangaroo leather is known for its superior durability while providing weight-for-weight, the lightest yet most durable leather available.

This makes our kangaroo leather straps durable, yet super soft and comfortable to wear.

Given kangaroos’ low carbon footprint, it is also the eco-conscious and sustainable alternative to all other leathers or synthetic materials. The leather we use is a recycled by-product that would otherwise end up as waste.

How long does delivery take?

You can buy a Deon Dane watch from anywhere in the world. All watches are sent out within 24 hours of making an order.

We offer both standard and express delivery options, so you can choose how quickly you would like your watch to arrive. For watches sent within Australia, you can expect to receive yours via our free standard delivery within 7 days, or generally within 2-5 days via express post depending on if you are in a city or remote area.

For our International customers, you can expect your brand new Deon Dane watch to be on your wrist within 21 days. But if you can’t wait that long, then you can take advantage of our express post option, which will have your watch at your door within only 10 days.

Where can I see more photos of your watches?

If you need any further convincing of just how great Deon Dane watches are, and if they are right for you, then you can always check out our photos and reviews on social media.

Head over to our Facebook page to see what our happy customers are saying about their new watches.

And for photos, be sure to follow us on Instagram, where you can also tag us when your watch arrives so that we can share your happy picture!